Agricultural Products

Working with numerous partners, including independent and on-farm trials. We work hard to bring the best products to the market place and leave the filler behind. Customize crop programs to meet the individual needs and match the best products to suit the needs.

Plant Nutrition

A broad range of fertilizer products to include micro and macronutrients to best meet crop and soil conditions. A new blending unit was installed in 2014 to make this possible with efficient use of ingredients and time. Offering custom blends to meet and match the demands of customers’ needs. The application of nutrients for field applications is available. A full line of bagged products for lawn and garden and field crop applications.

We work with our partners to provide support for the products we sell. Timely information on crop pests, marketing, and opportunities. This is accomplished with a dedicated team of individuals from the front counter to the crop scouts and crop specialists to the yard with loading and unloading products.

Crop Protection

We provide commercial Crop protection products from Syngenta, BASF, Corteva, Bayer, Nufarm and others. We offer complete recommendations to match your operation. Custom application of these products is readily available using the latest equipment technology. Alternatives using tillage and cover crops are incorporated into plans when and where possible. 


Today Sharpe Farm Supplies is pleased to offer corn, soybean, cereal, forage, and lawn seed genetics and technology from companies like Pride, Syngenta, Brevant, Mapleseed and Speares. 


Michael Sharpe

Operations Manager


Nick Zivcic

Crop Input Sales


Mia Hartman

Crop Input Sales & Scout


Izabel Allemang

Crop Input Sales & Scout