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KER Equishure 1.25kg

Item # 232-000211

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Size : 12''L x 7''W x 3''H

Hindgut buffer for horses with acidosis. EquiShure is recommended for horses on high-grain diets or grazing lush pasture; with inappetence or weight loss; with unexplainable behavioral problems; with digestive upsets resulting in loose manure; prone to recurrent mild colic or laminitis; sport horses under stress of training.

Feeding Recommendations

Top–dress EquiShure on feed.

Feed 30-150g (1-5 scoops) daily according to the horse’s size and diet.

For best results, divide the amount equally among feedings.

Use table below to determine recommended daily amount based on horse’s grain intake, forage source, and weight.


Weight of Horse   300 kg 500 kg 600 kg
Grain Intake Forage Source Amount of EquiShure per day
Low-Moderate Mostly Hay  30-60g *60-90g 90-120g
Low-Moderate Mostly Pasture  30-60g 60-90g 90-120g
Moderate-High Mostly Hay  60-90g 90-120g 120-150g
Moderate-High Mostly Pasture 90-120g 120-150g 150-180g

Note: EquiShure can be used in racehorses.

Its use is covered by the Clear Day Rule in the Australian Rules of Racing for the use of alkalinising agents.


Available Pack Sizes                                 

1.25kg 20 day supply*
7.2kg   120 day supply*

*based on a 60g serving

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